Dental implants

Dental implants are titanium alloy screws which are anchored into the jawbone. The titanium alloy is the same material that is use... See details

Missing one tooth

If you are missing a single tooth, the placement of an implant may be the best choice for you. Conventional "crown and bridge" the... See details

Loose dentures

For those patients missing several or all of their teeth, dental implants can be used to stabilize or support a denture. Worry of ... See details

Clinique dentaire Dr Benko and Dre Prieur
10 reasons to stabilize your dentures

Loose dentures that hurt can make your life miserable. You can however, once again, have solid comfortable teeth that will:



1. Eliminate denture adhesives

2. Help you look younger

3. Maintain a healthy jaw bone

4. Allow you to eat what you want and mostly healthy foods

5. Help you gain confidence during social events with friends

6. Allow you to sneeze without loosing your dentures

7. Allow you to chew better and improve your digestion

8. Improve your health

9. Increase your quality of living

10. Make you happier